K.I.S.I.S.: Emergency Planning for Complex Emergencies

You may be prepared to deal with a major campus event, such as an active shooter, but a different approach is needed to handle complex emergencies. Those are defined as threat that have never been encountered before or multiple threats, such as attacks at several locations or different types of attacks.  

Stephen Lopez, chief of police at New Mexico State University, says the old approach of having a different plan for every type of emergency is no longer viable. Instead, Chief Lopez presents a new approach called K.I.S.U.S., or Keep It Simple Under Stress. The chief explains how to set priorities and choose the best options. Included with the presentation are sample checklists for use by police departments and for emergency communication procedures. 

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​Stephen Lopez

Chief of Police
New Mexico State University Police Department

Lopez has been in campus law enforcement for 27 years, and is currently the Chief of Police for the New Mexico State University system. He has also been adjunct faculty for 14 years teaching courses in criminal investigations and public health, and holds numerous law enforcement instructor certifications. He has bachelor degrees in criminal justice and psychology, and a masters in strategic planning for critical infrastructures. He has taught at regional and national conferences and workshops in areas including integrating training in use of force, active shooter response, and select fire weapons for patrol. He is a regular facilitator and evaluator in tabletop, functional, and full scale exercises.

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