Enhanced Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design CPTED for Campus Environments

What if everyone on your campus could feel safe and secure? What if crime was something that happens elsewhere? Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) can be a major step toward that reality. The process begins by modifying visual aspects of the campus environment. CPTED can then be combined with other security tools to create an attractive, cost saving environment where security is more than a buzz word—a new program that works and grows to meet new challenges.

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Jim Grayson


Mr. Grayson has more than forty years of combined experience in law enforcement, private security and security consulting.  He holds a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice. He served as a police officer for the city of San Marino and with California State University Police as supervisor and administrator. He has held management positions in the security industry; worked as a Consultant at UCLA on workplace violence studies, and as a consultant, conducted threat and vulnerability assessments, involving K-12 schools, universities, government buildings, manufacturing companies, chemical processing plants, high-rise and retail buildings throughout the U.S.  He is a recognized speaker on security topics and a periodic columnist for Campus Safety Magazine.

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