De-Escalation: Using Crisis Negotiator Skills in the Educational Environment

In the education environment, we can experience students in crisis, irate parents and/or workplace violence incidents among staff and people with mental health issues. 

 This Action Plan with expose you to techniques that successful negotiators use and practice to de-escalate crisis and emergency situations.    

 What You Will Learn:

1.       Identify cores of communication including content, coding, sending and decoding

2.       Key differences in Hearing vs Listening and Areas of Distortion

3.       Understand the danger and the opportunity of dealing with difficult people 

4.       7 Elements of Active Listening Techniques

5.       3 Major Communication Roadblocks

6.       How the Emotion Doughnut plays into Escalation

7.       4 Keys to Identify Communication Priorities

8.       Critical Crisis Negotiator Techniques & Qualities

9.       Effectively Use the 5 Step Behavioral Change Stairway

10.   The 3 Most Common Negotiator Mistakes