Crisis in the Classroom

Crisis in the Classroom is designed to provide teachers, administrators and other school staff members with an understanding of the dynamics involved when interacting with a person in crisis. Using many of the techniques associated with hostage crisis negotiating, the program provides the student with practical skills that can be used to recognize a crisis situation as it develops and then de-escalate a dangerous situation.

You will learn how to teach your students and staff how to differentiate between a person having a bad day and a person in crisis, how to recognize the signs of a person in crisis and how to talk to them, how to track your progress during a crisis encounter to understand how to bring the situation to a successful ending using the “Behavioral Change Stairway" and how to end a potentially dangerous situation.

BONUS:  Includes 7 point Q&A with campus safety professionals addressing role playing, free resources, known mental illness and more.

Joseph Pangaro

CEO of Pangaro Training and Management but he also wanted us to add "Training Director, A Plus Technology Solutions" to his title.

Pangaro Training and Management/ A-Plus Technology Solutions

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Joseph Pangaro

Joseph Pangaro
CEO of Pangaro Training and Management
Training Director, A Plus Technology Solutions
Pangaro Training and Management/ A-Plus Technology Solutions

Joseph Pangaro is a retired Police Lieutenant from Ocean Township NJ located in Monmouth County. Mr. Pangaro is a Certified Public Manager (CPM).

Retiring after 27 years, Lt. Pangaro took on a new challenge, that of Director of School Safety and Security for a large school district in central NJ. In that position he upgraded all safety and security practices and policies as well as the physical security of the buildings for the district and implemented a student and staff training program to bring the "Best Practices" to the district.

As the owner and CEO of Pangaro Training and Management he concentrates on providing the best most up to date training programs for the Law Enforcement, School and Business communities.

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