Caring for School First Responders

School employees are an incident's immediate first responders, before emergency personnel can arrive.  In the aftermath of these incidents, these true first responders can be impacted physically and mentally, just like any other traditional first responder. These incidents can also impact the school employees’ family life in dramatic ways.  

In this session you will hear this experienced Littleton, CO Public Schools team share their experiences in responding to school emergencies, including the aftermath to them and their families.  Presenters include: 

  • Guy Grace, Director of Security and Emergency Planning
  • Deborah Grace, School Psychologist
  • William Cornforth, District Security Officer
  • Dara Van Kampen, Security Training Facilitator / Office Manager

You will learn:

  • How school employees in school based emergencies will be the first responders and can be impacted in many ways by their response.
  •  Processes to put in place to help the school employee in the aftermath of an event. The speakers share what was harmful and helpful to them.
  • In the aftermath of a tragic event employees can find themselves and their reputation in turmoil. The speakers share their experiences and how they manage turmoil.

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Guy Grace

Director of Security and Emergency Planning
Littleton Public Schools

Guy M. Grace Jr. has marked his 30th year of work in the security field.  Guy is the  Director of Security and Emergency Planning for Littleton Public Schools, a suburb of Denver. Guy began providing District Security services to Littleton Public Schools on Jan 1st 1990.  Prior to employment with the school district, Guy had served in the military and studied criminal justice and human resources. Guy was exposed to school security as a contract private security officer providing services to a school district in his hometown. While serving in his position with LPS, Guy has continued his education in Human Resource management, criminal justice and technology.

Guy has received numerous awards and recognition for his service and creativity. Guy serves on several school security boards, where he offers valuable input and insight from a school district’s point of view. Guy was a responder and the School Districts Critical Incident Coordinator during the Arapahoe Shooting on December 13th 2013.


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