Campus Safety Online Summit

18+ Campus Safety Experts Share Their Techniques And Tactics To Help You Make Your Campus Safer

  • Get action steps and the latest ideas, trends and processes you can use to improve the safety of your campus
  • Discover what's working now from a hand-picked lineup of campus emergency management, security and law enforcement experts and world-class speakers

Sessions included: 

  1. Before Weather Strikes: Creating Effective Weather Plans
  2. Fighting Technology-Facilitated Crime
  3. How Unarmed Security Officers Can Respond to Active Killer Situations
  4.  Title IX and Challenges to Sexual Assault Prevention in the Ivory Tower
  5.  How to Empower Students and Staff to Take Ownership of Safety on Campus
  6.  Campus Lockdown and Shelter in Place: Planning Your First Exercise
  7. Situational Awareness and the OODA Loop; the Foundation to Any Effective Response to a Violent Intruder
  8. After-Hours Emergencies — Who is in Charge?
  9. Benefits of Implementing Audio Video on Campus
  10.  Finding Government Grants and How to Apply for Them
  11.  Managing the Vaping Trend: Are Drugs Being Used in Plain Site on Your Campus?
  12.  Parent-Child Reunification After a Crisis
  13. Recognizing and Surviving Extreme Violence in the Workplace and Public Spots 
  14.  Available Hospital Security Grant Funding Programs from U.S. Office of Radiological Security
  15. How and Why to Effectively De-Escalate Workplace Anger & Violent Situations
  16.  Safe Travel to Europe: Health, Travel and Legal Considerations for Corporate Travelers
  17.  Security and Forensic Patient: Providing Care with Caution
  18.  Workplace Violence in Healthcare: Training Program Considerations